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Bonding & Veneers

Bonding and Veneer Treatments in Brantford

Minor dental problems, such as tiny chips or spaces are easy to overlook, however small problems have a tendency to worsen and can have much more serious consequences in the long run. Portway Dentistry offers bonding and veneers to promptly address the issue and improve the look of your smile at the same time!

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin shells that cover the front of your teeth and improve their appearance. Usually made of porcelain or resin, these shells are wafer-thin and custom-built to fit your teeth. They are ideal for repairing chipped or cracked teeth, as well as for reducing large spaces between the teeth. Porcelain veneers are most popular because they reflect light like natural teeth and resist stains better than other veneer options.

Your dentist can perform a porcelain veneer treatment in two dental visits. The procedure is straightforward; a very thin layer of enamel is removed from the front of your natural tooth in order to make room for the veneer. A mold is then made of your teeth, which is then used to customize the veneers for a perfect fit. Temporary veneers are placed over the affected teeth while your custom veneers are being built at our dental lab. (These temporary veneers can be quite fragile, so they need to be treated delicately while you wait for your permanent veneers).

During your next visit, once the real veneers are ready, your dentist will remove the temporary veneer and coat your teeth with an adhesive cement and place the permanent veneers over the tooth. The result is a natural-looking smile, where the veneer itself is invisible, working silently to protect your teeth from damage and giving you a beautiful smile.

Dental Bonding

A painless procedure, dental bonding is used by your dentist to repair minor problems with your teeth such as chips and tiny cracks. A tooth-coloured compound, called composite resin, is applied to your damaged tooth then shaped to match the rest of your teeth. Your dentist can perform dental bonding to several teeth either in a single visit, or spread throughout the course of multiple visits should many teeth require treatment.

The treatment follows a simple procedure, where a thin plastic film is placed between your teeth to protect the gums and neighbouring teeth, from stray resin. The tooth-coloured resin is applied to the tooth targeted for repair (sometimes several layers are necessary). A bonding agent is then applied to the resin which acts as an adhesive and allows the resin to stick to your teeth. After all necessary layers of resin, as well as the bonding agent, are applied, your dentist will use a special light to harden the resin on your tooth.

Once the compound is completely hardened, your dentist will proceed with shaping the coated tooth so that it seamlessly fits in with neighbouring teeth, giving your smile a natural appearance. Over time, and due to natural wear-and-tear, the bonding may need a touch up. Your dentist will keep a close eye on the integrity of the treatment during each future visit, making sure the results of the treatment last as long as possible.

Dental bonding and veneers can correct small and some large problems in your teeth. The procedures are simple, painless, and help prevent future issues. Our office in Brantford is ready to help you choose the right treatment.  Contact Portway Dentistry and set up an appointment!

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