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Emergency Dental Clinic in Brantford

Accidents are never planned, and emergencies never fit neatly into your schedule. Sudden dental issues are both distressing and painful, which is why we make it easy to find an emergency dentist in Brantford. Tooth pain won’t go away simply because it’s inconvenient. While some pains might be temporary, most cases will require that you see an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Dental Pain & Emergencies

There are different measures taken for different emergency situations, though there are some standard rules which apply to all emergency dental issues. During all dental emergencies, do not chew, eat, or apply muscular pressure until the origin of the pain is found. There are many common problems that bring patients to our office such as:

  • Bitten Lip or Tongue: If you have bitten your lip or your tongue, make sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth out with water, gently clean the affected area with a sterile cotton cloth, and apply a cold compress to the surface to combat swelling. If the site continues to bleed after a half hour, go to the hospital or call us for further instruction.
  • Toothaches: If you have a toothache, try to gently floss the area and rinse with warm salt water. You may take an oral pain killer, but do not put any kind of pain killer (aspirin or ibuprofen) directly on the tooth as it can damage surround soft tissue. Call us for an appointment right away.
  • Cracked Tooth: If you have cracked or broken tooth, rinse with warm water to clean any debris from around the area. Keep swelling minimized with cool pressure and come in to see us immediately. If there is bleeding, apply direct pressure with a piece of gauze for ten minutes or until the bleeding stops.
  • Knocked Out Tooth: If you have a displaced tooth, come and see us immediately. In the interim, rinse the tooth with running water while holding the white crown of the tooth. Do not touch the root. Try to place the crown back in its socket for the duration of your trip. If that is impossible due to swelling, keep the tooth held in the mouth, or immerse it in milk or saliva. Come and see us right away as this situation requires immediate care.
  • Broken Jaw: Apply a cold compress. Please visit your nearest emergency room to see an oral surgeon on call. We can help make arrangements for you.

For more information, or if you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call us today – we are ready to assist.

Don’t Wait in Pain

Take care of the emergency now by calling Portway Dentistry today!

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