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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Brantford – Your Natural-Looking Solution

Dealing with a lost tooth – or maybe more than one? If so, you may feel less confident with your smile. At Portway Dentistry, we have several natural-looking solutions to change that can help you! We want to help you obtain your best smile possible!

What are Implants?

Dental implants is relatively new technology and some may not yet be familiar with this option for replacing missing teeth. Implants are surgical grade metal posts which are screwed into the bone where your missing tooth or teeth are. After fully healing, we place a natural tooth coloured crown on top. Implants give you the most natural solution for function and appearance for tooth replacement. They have a great long term prognosis. Not everyone is a candidate for implants. We provide a free consultation for you, give us a call to make arrangements to see if this option is right for you!

Benefits of Implants

The advantages of implants are far-reaching, with some major benefits including:

  • Natural appearance: Implants feel and look exactly like your own teeth.
  • Permanent solution: Implants are designed to graft into bone, so you won't have to worry about removing dentures or bridges.
  • Improved oral health: Every dental implant reduces the need for fillings and other dental work, helping you maintain your oral health over the long-term.
  • Enhanced speech: Your old dentures or tooth gaps may have made it more difficult to speak clearly. With dental implants, you won't fear dentures or bridges slipping or causing pain, thus improving articulation.
  • Comfortable eating: It's much more difficult to properly chew and swallow when you have tooth gaps or ill-fitting dentures. Your implants will make eating simple and enjoyable again.
  • Durable lifespan: Implants are designed to last for life, provided you care for them properly.
  • Convenience: You'll never again have to remove dentures or purchase sticky adhesives. Dental implants permanently eliminate all those hassles.

Dental implants can change your outlook and improve your oral health, so get ready for a new smile with help from your team at Portway Dentistry in Brantford. Contact us today to book your consultation!

Learn About Your Options

Implants could be a suitable alternative to partial dentures.

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