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Orthodontist in Brantford -
Braces for Children, Teens & Adults

Achieving a fantastic smile isn't just good for your appearance – it actively improves your health. This is why the orthodontic team at Portway Dentistry, in Brantford, make it easy for patients of all ages to have braces. We have weekend appointments available for braces! A better bite means better overall health. It helps you chew food properly which helps with digestion. It also reduces the chances of jaw problems.

Braces for Children & Teens

Adolescence is the best time for your children to have an orthodontic assessment. Often, earlier treatment can mean a reduced length of treatment. The period between the loss of the last baby tooth and the end of the growth period is a perfect time to straighten teeth, setting them in the correct position for life. The orthodontic team here at Portway Dentistry enjoy working with kids and teens. We are here to help them cope with the physical adjustments they will undergo. We will make sure they understand all of the benefits that those with straight teeth enjoy!

Braces for Adult Patients

A common misconception is that braces are just for kids; this is simply not true! Adults who did not have the opportunity to wear braces as a child can benefit from having their teeth straightened and dental alignment perfected! We offer clear braces as well for those that may not want the traditional metal braces, with the same great results!

Speak with us to see what treatment plan will be best for you or your child – your initial consultation is absolutely free! No matter what type of orthodontic therapy you require, our team is dedicated to providing treatment in a caring, comfortable environment.  Call today to schedule your appointment!

Your Child’s New Smile

Don’t wait to get your child set up with their orthodontics program.

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